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Privacy Policy



The private information obtained by GOOUTE PTE. LTD. including GOOUTE Group companies (hereinafter, referred to as “GOOUTE”) shall be handled pursuant to the management structure and policies described below:


GOOUTE shall establish this policy for the handling of the private information of its customers and employees that is required for the business operations pursuant to the GOOUTE Code of Ethics, and shall build a structure to manage private information, both for fulfilling responsibilities of a business.

  1. The purposes of the use of private information shall be specified to the maximum extent possible and such information shall be handled properly within a scope that is required for achieving such purposes. In addition, measures shall be taken to ensure that the information will not be used for any other use than the purposes.

  2. Private information shall be obtained in a legal and appropriate manner.

  3. Private information shall not be provided to any third party without the consent of the person concerned.

  4. For the management of private information, necessary and appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent any leak, loss or damage, in addition to other measures for safekeeping.

  5. When handling private information, efforts shall be made to let the person who provided the information involved properly, in addition to keeping the information accurate and updated to the maximum extent possible.

  6. Laws and regulations relating private information protection shall be observed, and internal rules for private information protection shall be established and reviewed constantly.

  7. A point of contact shall be put into place to address complaints and/or consultations concerning private information protection, which shall be handled properly.

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